Do you want to go camping on lake? Thinking about some fun activities for you and your family or friends? How about planning for a camping trip by the lake. The open water, the abundance of activities, and cool breezes make camping on a lake such an enjoyable experience. Research also shows that there are certain benefits to being around water, including peace of mind and better overall health. Most importantly, you get to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and get a chance to enjoy the peace and quiet that camping by the lake can afford you. 

Benefits of Camping on the Susquehanna

There are certain advantages to camping by the lake, and they include:

Communing with nature

Depending on the lake you are camping by, you will get to interact with wildlife. Even if you do not get to see them, you will definitely hear them, especially in the evening or early in the morning. The sounds will lull you to sleep in the best way possible. 


Most lakeshore campsites will offer fishing opportunities, which is very relaxing. Best of all, you get to catch your dinner. 

Unmatched sunrise and sunsets 

Make sure you charge your camera so that you can capture some of the fantastic sunrise and sunsets. It is also excellent for a romantic time with your partner, and you can extend the evening activities by stargazing. 

Range of activities

There are so many activities you can take part in when you’re camping on lake. Other than fishing, you can try kayaking or other water-related activities. Set up a campfire in the evening and sing, dance, or tell each other stories. 

Ultimate relaxation 

Water has a very calming effect, and you will experience multiple benefits for your mind and body. Bring along plenty of good books or your favorite music on your iPod and while away the time doing nothing but relaxing and gazing out into the water.  

 Factors to Consider When Camping On Lake

As much fun as it can be, they are some considerations you need to have in mind when camping by the lake. These include the following:

  • Make sure you pack enough bug spray because standing water is the breeding ground for many insects, including mosquitoes. 
  • Make sure you bring along sufficient amounts of drinking water. You know, as much as you will be near water, it may not be safe for consumption. You will find some filtration methods available in the market, but they may not be very useful in removing the protozoa, bacteria, or other contaminants. If you really must consume the water, look for a moving stream. Alternatively, get the water from the deeper parts of the lake and not right by the shore. 
  • Pay attention to the weatherman, and look for a campsite that is not in the path of strong wind.
  • Pack smart so that you carry everything you need without having too much luggage.
  • Leave your campsite clean and avoid littering
  • Find out if there any restrictions around some of the activities. Some campgrounds will, for example, not allow you to go swimming in the lake due to safety issues. 

Final Thoughts

Camping by the lake is an excellent way to relax and share quality time with your family or friends.