Activities Of Camping

Camping trips are always fun and a fantastic way to spend time with the family. The main concerns are activities of camping. It does not matter the season; whether you are camping in a rental, RV, or tent, there is always so much to do. Best of all, you can leave behind the trappings of modern society such as electronics or smartphones, and just spend the time with those that matter.

Thinking of fun camping activities can be difficult, especially if you have to involve the whole family. You could spend hours brainstorming and not reach a consensus. But do not worry, we have made it easy for you by listing some of the camper activities that you can enjoy.





Activities of Camping at River Pointe

Water Activities

Is your camping site near a lake or water body? If yes, get ready to spend hours in the water doing some activity, or by the water just relaxing. You have the option of the following fun camping games:

  • Swimming, snorkeling or diving
  • Fishing
  • Skipping stones
  • Kayaking, canoeing or boating
  • Water skiing or wave running
  • Tubing
  • Water volleyball, basketball or balloon fights

If you’re not camping near a water body, an inflatable wading pool is an excellent substitute.


Sporting Activities

If you are visiting River Pointe, you are in good hands because of the list of amenities available. However, you may not always get the benefits, especially when camping in the wild. Here are some fun camper activities for sporting enthusiasts:

  • Frisbee or disc golf
  • Horseshoes, Lawn bowling or Corn hole
  • Soccer, football or kickball
  • Baseball
  • Biking or hiking
  • Caving or spelunking ( do not undertake this one on your own, you will need a guide for this activity)
  • Red Rover
  • Hide and seek or Capture the Flag


Commune With Nature

When you are outdoors, it is a fantastic opportunity to commune with nature. You can bask in the splendor of the fauna and flora that you will find all around you, depending on where you go.

  • Bird or animal watching
  • Catching and collecting fireflies and bugs
  • Rock cataloging
  • Fossil or nature hunting and gathering
  • Edible plant foraging
  • Geo-caching
  • Scavenger hunts at the camping site


You must respect whichever location you visit. Different places have different rules that you must abide to. Take the time to learn what the rules are so that you do not contravene any of them. You must also take due care not to harm the environment or disturb the wildlife.


Cool Down Activities

Fun camping activities can take up your energy reserves, and you will need to cool down. You may also just want an opportunity to unwind, especially if you lead a stressful lifestyle. Rejuvenate yourself with the following activities:

  • Relax by listening to the wind blowing through the trees or the sounds of nature
  • Meditate and let your mind wander freely by daydreaming
  • string up your hammock for an afternoon nap or catch up with your favorite book
  • Lie on your back and star gaze for hours


Fun Camping Activities For The Indoors

It may not be possible to be outdoors, maybe due to a change of weather, or any other hindrance. You will need some fun camping activities to occupy you.

  • Play card or board games
  • Read or tell each other stories
  • Work on your craft like sewing, knitting or drawing
  • Take advantage of electronics to watch a movie or play video games
  • Take a nap or snuggle


Fun Camping Activities For The Night

The advantage of camping is that there is no set bedtime. The night comes with a host of activities such as: 

  • Evening or night strolls or swim
  • Hide and seek or flashlight tag in the dark
  • Fireworks and releasing sky lanterns
  • Glow in the dark bowling (all you need are, 2-liter bottles full of water, immerse the glow sticks and line them up for a fun bowling time) 
  • Campfire activities include telling scary stories, singing, dancing or playing the guitar
  • Get to know peoples secrets and fears with truth or dare

Tip: colored fire crystals make it possible for you to customize your campfire to the color you wish. You will find them at your local or camping specialty stores.

Get Ready To Have Some Fun

We have shared with you numerous fun camping activities that will occupy you from morning to evening. We would love to see pictures and videos of you doing some of the activities above. Follow us on Facebook at River Pointe and remember to share, comment, and like.