river pointe campground map
river pointe campground maps

Campground Map

Located on the banks of a tranquil river and enveloped by lush vegetation and the singing of birds, the River Pointe Campground is a haven for nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. It provides a variety of activities, which makes it the perfect spot for families.

The River Pointe Campground map is an extremely helpful asset to visitors, providing a comprehensive view of the location and marking the camping grounds, the sparkling swimming pool, the beguiling river, and the captivating hiking trails. The map is an excellent reference point, allowing visitors to plan out their journey and take in the gorgeous natural scenery.

Our Awesome Pool

Taking a dip in the cool, pristine waters of the pool while sipping a cool beverage and basking in the sunshine is an ideal way to take it easy and revive. The swimming pool, having wonderfully sparkling azure water and plenty of places to sit, is a great area to unwind after a day of hiking or angling. For those who crave an even more revitalizing aquatic experience, the river, with its strong currents and picturesque surroundings, provides an exhilarating adventure. If you want to enjoy yourself, you can choose to swim in the shallower regions of the river, float down its flow, or try your luck at fishing.

Pool Rules

Swimming is permitted here. We ask all swimmers to follow these rules and guidelines:

  • Before jumping in, know the water temperature. Water temperatures below 60F degrees can be dangerous.
  • Children under 12 and weaker swimmers should be monitored closely. Do not assume they understand the risks involved.
  • There are NO LIFEGUARDS on duty. Always swim with a friend.
  • Beware of water depths. Swim in your safety area.
  • Do not swim if a rainstorm or lightning is nearby. Get a weather forecast before jumping in.

Other Activites

The River Pointe Campground also has a number of exciting hiking trails that go through the thick forests and by tranquil waterfalls. There are trails available for all levels of difficulty, from relaxed walks to more challenging hikes, giving individuals the opportunity to get in touch with nature and appreciate its aesthetic.

Relaxing Options

If you are looking for a more comfortable place to stay, River Pointe Campground cabins are ideal. These cabins are fully outfitted with plush beds, modern kitchens, and spotless bathrooms, providing the same comforts of home but with stunning nature all around.

Therefore, River Pointe Campground is a paradise for those who need a break from their daily routines. It has picturesque views, various activities to do, and convenient accommodation, making it an oasis of peace and the perfect spot to create lasting memories with family and friends.